Saturday, April 14, 2012


 When the twins arrive home, they see Ryan's car, which is weird because he arrives always later.
"Ryan, you home?" ask Emma looking at the stairs. Nobody answers. They start opening all the doors. When Emma is closer to the bathroom, she hears someone crying.
"Ryan, are you ok?"
"He died."
Whitney laughs. "What the hell is he talking about?" thinks her.
"Whitney, don't screw it up more, get out of here."
"Relax, I'm leaving..."  says Whitney rolling her eyes.
  Emma sits next to her brother. Probably this is the first time that she sees him crying.
"Erik...Erik Cooper."
"And Erik is...? says Whitney leaning out.
"Whitney, go away!"
"OK, but tell me later" she winks an eye. They laugh.
The truth is that Emma has always been closer to Ryan and Whitney to Elle, their twelve year old sister.
"Erik was the drummer of our group. Today I found out that he had a car accident at the weekend."
"I'm sorry. I had no idea."
"Yeah, me neither."


 Louis, Emma, Whitney and Sarah meet in their favourite cafeteria of the town, "Gary's". The thing is that Sarah's not there. She's suposed to be here. Where is she?
  They sit on a free table. The waiter comes.
"What do you guys want?"
"I will have a burger." says Emma.
"Yeah, me too."
"Oh, girls, you have to be healthier... . I want a salad. You know, I have to keep myself fit."
The waiter laughs, who doesn't?
"Ok." he leaves.
"Guys, I've just got a text from Sarah." says Emma. Then she shows the text to them. Sarah has a date with Xavier.

"I'm sorry. I couln't make it. I forgot I had a date with Xavier. Next time, promise."

"I can't believe she replaces us by Xavier. I just don't get it. She has been almost all the day with him. I guess that's what happens when you start a relationship. You can't get tired of your boyfriend, right?" says Whitney looking at the other tables.
"Maybe, but that boy is gonna spend a lot of time with Sarah. And that's not gonna be good. We gotta do something."
"Yeap. Have you thought about something Emma?" says Whitney doubting.
"We should talk to her. Don't you think?"
"She's really into him sweetie. Not gonna work." says Louis as he eats his healthy salad.
"Have you got a better idea?"
"OK, I don't. But let's just let her do what she wants. If she does something wrong, she will realize."
"Yeah you're right." says Emma. Louis is right, it's better not telling her anything.
  Damn, Madison Johnson is there. She goes to their table, trying to look like the best. She's never gonna be.
"Hey girls! Oh, excuse me, I forgot you're a boy Louis. A little piece of advice you two, burgers are going to make your body grow and grow. Are you sure that's what you want?"
"Come on, I'm sure you have something more interesting to do that trying to look like the boss here. By the way, there's a hole in your pants." says Whitney laughing. Madison looks to check out if she's right."No, you have to look at your ass, that's where the big hole showing your beautiful panties is. Cute little bears."
Yeah, probably she won't talk to them in a long time. She deserves it.
Madison leaves shouting at April and Chloe. Her "friends". Well, they just like being popular because of Madison.
"Girls, I told you." says Louis suddenly.
"What are you talking about?" says Emma frowning.
"That you don't have to eat burgers. They're bad."
"Shut up..." says Whitney. The twins laugh. Sometimes it's incredible how happy is Louis. Madison has just told him that he was a girl and now he's joking about burgers.
"By the way, that guy Emma, is looking at you. And he has been doing it since we arrived." says Louis.
"That guy." He points to him.
"What?" he laughs."I think his name's Cody. He is from our High School. He's on 11th grade."
"Ok...ok." Emma smiles.

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  1. eres española y hablas en inglés tan bien?:O me gustan mucho las fotos de la cabecera, un besito desde

    1. Sí, somos españolas! Lo estamos escribiendo en inglés porque creemos que así tendrá más exito! Muchas gracias :) Nos sigues? Ahora me paso por tu blog! Un beso!