Wednesday, April 4, 2012


"Well, so this is the high shool, don't get lost..."
"Ryan!, don't live us..."
"Don't worry Emma, Louis is there." says Whitney doing a gesture with her head.

Louis has been Whitney and Emma's best friend since third grade when he moved on from Wisconsin to Sacramento, for reasons that nobody knows. He doesn't want to tell anybody.

"Hi girls! Have you seen Xavier yet?"
"No, but my brother's told me that when he walks along the corridors, girls fall against their lockers accidentally" laughs Emma.
"So when you see me at lunch time, don't be afraid because of the bruises."
"Has someone seen Sarah?" 
"Yes, isn't she that girl over there?" points Whitney.
"Oh my god. Who's that boy next to her?"
"Actually, that boy is Xavier." Louis is now in shock. "What are you doing on the ground?" The twins laugh.
"There wasn't any locker." He tries to stand up.

Sara comes with Xavier. Now Louis is really nervous.

"Louis, are you ok? Wait, I'll help you." says Sarah. "Well guys, this is my boyfriend Xavier."

Louis turns his head looking at the twins and he wispers "bitch". Thank god Sarah and Xavier haven't heard him. Whitney and Emma laugh, take Sarah and explane her what happens, which means that now Louis is alone with Xavier.

"Louis Fox, nice to meet you."
"Xavier...Xavier Campbell."
"Nice to meet me, right?"
"I guess so..."

The bell rings and they go to class. Probably Xavier has never been that happy about starting with the classes.


At lunch time, in the cafeteria there are a lot of people. Luckily, they get to sit on an unnocupied table.

"Louis, I'm sorry for not telling you about my relationship with Xavier. I didn't know that you knew him."
"How long have you been together?"
"Two monts."
"I'm glad." says Louis with his fake smile. 
"By the way, what happened? I mean, those bruices..."
"The tradition, you know..."

Sarah hasn't got that sentence.

"Hi guys. How's your day going?" says Whitney sitting at the same time as her sister.
"Bad, I'm with Madison in class."
"Jonhson?" asks Emma.
"Yeah honey, the day couldn't have gone any worse."
"By the way, how did you guys meet?" asks Whitney. She's really interested.
"I was shopping and I entered in this new shop of the mall..."
"Let's go ears, you don't diserve listening to this." interrupts Louis as he leaves. The girls laugh. He's so dramatic.
"Well, so I saw a pair of trousers and I loved them so I went to ask the dependent for my size. I didn't see his face. He was backwards. Then he turned around and I thought "Oh my god, this boy is really hot." The truth is that I've never taken so long buying a pair of trousers, because he  started to give me anything but that trousers or my size of one of the ones from the shop. First I thought that he was trying to show me more clothes because he wanted to sell more things, but that changed when he invited me to a date in the afternoon. And that's all, you know what happened next..."

Suddenly, Louis comes back and sits.

"Sarah, I'm not mad at you, but you have to help me with that hot guy sitting next to Xavier or this beautiful ass would be out of here again. And mad at you."

Louis sometimes can be very capricous.

"Do you mean Trevor? I don't recommend you that guy..."
"Don't worry, Lou can handle anything."
"If you say so..."

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